Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a week...

And the season has only just begun.

The exhibition programme that I have been working on since starting my new job in January is finally kicking off this week.

The opening was glamorous without being intimidatingly snooty: I was so pleased by how many people were happy to chat away with me. I even had a jaw-dropping (well for me!) five minutes with Gok Wan ending in air kisses and hugs! Fingers crossed he'll be working with us sometime in the near future!

The beautiful Ruth's work has gone online and her workshop has sold out in record time!

Tonight sees the launch of the public programme proper so fingers crossed and of course, I'll report back!

1 comment:

Tasha said...

omg helen i cant believe you met gok wan i love his show and really want to see his new one. soz about me spelling and grammar its just i somthimes write text on comp or just even shorten it
Hope to see you soon
tasha xxxx