Monday, March 26, 2007

The Sis' Birthday (2)

Having searched high and low and posted various images for the sis, she has finally confirmed a pattern that she likes.

Only problem is now my dress! I have cornered the market in plunging neck, tight midriffs and full skirted fabulousness in various large and intimidating prints. The dilemma is not helped by the fact that her theme is 'hint of pink' and so I can't even hide the fact in a different colour. I now can't think of a single alternative and defy anyone to prove that other dress shapes do, in fact, exist, and would look elegant.

For your deliberation and accurate ideas: I have 1950s curves (ie the bum and the boobs of a sixe 14 with the waist of a size 10) and refuse to go braless. I'm debating some form of halterneck slinky effort but am actually failing to form coherent thoughts on the subject. I fear floundering.

Oh, and I have to make it. I shall post initial ruminations shortly...

Suggestions on a postcard...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pretty pretty

An impromptu trip up to Hull to visit an old lady intent on selling her 85year old stash of vintage bits. I accompanied the rather fabulous owner of Marcos & Trump to help her in selecting a vast collection of incredible condition dresses. Jaw-dropping numbers of rooms stocked with rails and boxes neatly labelled '1930s satin sheets' or 'pantyhose: 1950s' or 'wool crochet'.

I managed to secure myself two little items. I am in the realms of the penniless at the moment (eight months of study will do that to a girl) so I had to restrain myself. We also had to be rather frustratingly offhand about the whole stash, in order to get the best prices.

Anyway, this piece of linen is jewel-bright in real life, so will make myself a skirt forthwith. The dress I purchased for the princely sum of £12 needs a little mend. I will post pictures when it's all done.

Pretty pretty!
Can you tell that (a) I'm off college now on Easter holidays and (b) I've got an essay to write. I swear to goodness that the frequency of my posts is directly related to the amount of work I have to produce.

Rhubarb Scrumptiousness

Paola has banned me from mentioning rhubarb again on Gorgeously. What can I say, it's only available for about two months a year, I love its tart sweetness and for goodness' sake, just look at that colour!

I mean, common, what's not to love?!
Victoria Sponge with buttercream, stewed rhubarb and a vague nod to the season in its top decor:

Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend shenanigans

A weekend on foot, with walkie-talkie (oh the power) working at the exciting and awe-inspiring Barbican Birthday weekend.

My aching legs of non-stop chasing, walking, running and monitoring were further insulted by the lack of the Boy in my bed over the weekend. I stand amazed at my inability to sleep in his absence. Is this love or comfort or habit...

This morning brought the first morning of the year when the sun was creeping through the curtains as he said goodbye to go to work.

First lecture of the day involved a rather frightening montage of All That Jazz followed by Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

I heard these lyrics and they made me smile

I feel like I'm not out of bed yet

Oh, the sun is warm

But my blanket's warmer

Sleep, sleep, in your lady's arms.

Friday, March 02, 2007

The beginning of the month

Brings packages and feasts for the eyes...

God I love my postman.
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