Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Family Christmas

IMG_2062So... what is a wife of only 7 weeks to do?









Why, open her presents in her wedding dress, of course.


A great few days with my family, with gorgeous food (not going to be getting back into that frock for a little while yet) and incredibly beautiful presents (this link in particular, still to be hung but very gladly received by The Husband). I did incredibly well, with the Husband secretly catching me eyeing up Abigail's gorgeousness and putting an order in for the gold and black beads of joy. Aren't I a lucky girl indeed?

December 2008

IMG_2089Back to our home via Lechlade (oh the antiques!) just in time for scones and a bracing walk in the cold.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My December

Some crafting ... Care of a Christmas present inherited for myself (5 year olds are never going to appreciate something as darned cool as these stamps, surely?)


Some wrapping...(got a bit felt-happy this year!)


Some baking ... (note the additions to the kitchen: namely, microwave, KITCHENAID, toaster, kettle, kniferack, Hen Party Jug, Salt and Pepper Mill... that is everything! God love wedding lists!)



Some renovation work ... (remember the in-law's cottage? My how it has changed!)


Oh and some humiliating attempts to keep up with the relies at their annual pub caroling. Note the row of children with instruments. And then note the baffled looking grown woman.


Yup, ladies and gents... That is me, holding a recorder for the first time in about 12 years. Bring on the wassailing I say!

Interim images from the wedding...

Post stolen from my other blog...

Thanks for the requests for more pics of the wedding! The reason for the delay has been to wait for the professional ones to come through to give you the good stuff.

If however, you're happy for the amateur offerings to suffice in the meantime... here goes...

IMG_1600 IMG_1607



IMG_1617 IMG_1627


CNV00033   CNV00043


n503136615_1079768_2147[1]Fingers crossed the professional pictures will be coming by the end of this month so I'll be able to give you much clearer detail shots...


The bridesmaids dresses were Vogue 8416 in navy blue silk from Hong Kong.

Cake was two layers of fruit, two layers of carrot cake with cake topper of a dressmaker's dummy and a grand piano made from oven-hardening clay.

Venue florals were by a good friend and featured roses, hydrangea, vibernum berry, various foliage and a bow made by my Mum!

Bouquets were ranuncula, roses, vibernum berry hand-tied with antique navy velvet ribbon given by a family friend.

My shoes were from Italian leather from Sniff, adult bridesmaids were navy patent from Faith and little patents were from an online boutique, Panache.

Hair flowers were antique silk from VV Rouleaux and Mum's fascinator was made using one of those flowers along with feathers and beads taken from her dress fabric.

Any other details I've forgotten? Will share other pictures with you as soon as I have them: trust me, as excited as you are, I fear I may be more so!

Thanks to various friends and especially my sister for the above pictures.

Beholden Hits the 21st Century

For goodness sake let me know if this doesn't work, but as a final farewell before I run off for the jolly holidays, here's a montage that the Boy made of the Day.

Wowsers... that looks like it might just work!

I've been keeping all my wedding paraphenalia on my other blog but thought you may be interested in the video above and also, if you'd like a butcher's at the honeymoon, the posts can be seen at this handy link!

Enjoy, happy holidays and thanks for all your support, messages and comments in 2008! Here's to my first Merry Christmas as a wife!