Sunday, January 20, 2008

House of Paper (& Scaffolding)

Further to the request following my last post, here is the exterior of the thatched cottage. The roof was re-thatched before major structural work had been completed so the scaffolding is there as a precaution to reduce stress.

Because it's been lived in for so long by an elderly gent of limited means, the before and after photographs are rather topsy-turvy.

The below is the 'before' shot, taken from a village photograph in the mid-1960s.*

I think the word is 'potential'...!

*Historically, it was usual for thatchers to thatch upon thatch increasing insulation but of course thickening the layers each time. Look at the difference in chimney exposed between the two images once all the layers had been completed scrapped and the thatch started again!


Jane said...

Oh, wow! Amazing! So beautiful - and look at that lovely green grass as well. What a beautiful retreat it'll be when it's done.

JPK said...

I am available to help with renovation, this summer, once the bathroom with shower has been installed.