Saturday, April 21, 2007

Moo update - The Arrival

Scrumptious. Noone I have given one to has understood my excitement. They are tending to look at me with concern, put it quietly in their wallet and then carry on conversation.

What can I say, I'm surrounded by philistines...
I think the vertical one is my favourite.

Ugly dummy, pretty dresses

My mum's shop looks like it'll be closing its doors after eleven wonderful years of free fabric and patterns (just for me, not for the public, that would be a rubbish business!!) and so I did the only fair thing and cleaned her out of oodles of pretty cottons for summer frocks.

As soon as the sun came out, I was at my machine (why oh why can we not work this all out in the winter so as to be poised in cuteness rather than madly running up dresses and hoping the sun won't disappear behind a cloud the next moment?) Above: discontinued Donna Karen Vogue pattern 1573
Below: New Look pattern 6156. A little bit on the bridesmaids side but I don't really mind. With flipflops and a big pink bandana it's perfectly swishable!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hikes aplenty... and a jammy debate

Walking again this weekend in Surrey
Pure spring in a train trip... Watts Gallery was beautiful and a sweet diversion...
The tea shop next to the gallery did a mean selection of sandwiches and the most delicious scones and condiments. The question is this...
On the subject of scone serving...
Jam on cream or cream on jam?
The girls were unanimous in their theory that the cream served as a form of butter and therefore should go first aesthetically, but upon demonstration by a boy that the cream is superior on the tastebuds, had to admit that, orally, the cream on top method is preferable.
I, being stubborn, held my ground.
It got messy.
What is your position...?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Moo to you too

I'm very excited. I was wandering around Flickr the other evening when I came across a phenomenon by the name of Moo. You select photos from your Flickr album, create a long thin business card with your chosen images on the other side and then write whatever you fancy on the back...
It could be 'the latest gig' (yeah right) just be left for notes or randomly sending around the world, or as I did, for my contact and blog details. I have been wanting to get business cards done forever, especially with these blogs, and this is such a simple and attractive way of getting some variety and not spending a fortune.
Oh, and I just thought, how great would they be for save the dates, moving information or baby announcements? So cute, so easy and I'm so in love.

And no, I've not been paid to say all this.

How on earth am I going to wait 7-10 business days??!?!!?!?

Life is unfair.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Readers of Gorgeously will know how unimpressed I was by the Boy's lack of chocolate goods on Sunday morning. My great gestures of golden rabbits fell on bemused ingratitude. Hmmmm....

I battled on...

As I'm supposed to be in training, we decided to do one of the country walks from my newly purchased, London-centric, country walk book. We centred on the beautiful Otford after deliberations, a broken TomTom and a slightly fraught morning.

Got back from work this evening and found this on our bed, spelt out in mini-eggs, and a mended ipod he's replaced the screen on. Topped off with a cheesy homemade card featuring bunnies and scrumptious wishes..

It's kinda hard to stay cross in the face of such cuteness....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Pretty sites, pretty things

Wow have I been busy lately. The Boy keeps pleading with me to not take on any more projects or obligations and the message is slowly getting through. Which now finds me on a bank holiday weekend with the Boy working (new job at A&E - yuck) all hours and noone to play with cos I've not made any plans.

I have, however, gone crazy at the market and now have a kitchen full of tempting spring vegetables.

Will make this tonight I think...

In all my busy-ness I have missed blogland so have spent the last hour catching up on delicacies and have come across these lovely sites in the process...
Matthew Mead style seems to be a male Martha working the Spring pallete like no other. Beautiful pictures but not convinced by his love of 'faux' flowers. I think the above would look gorgeous with real cut blooms pushed into wetted oasis.

Vogue have released their spring patterns and they include these two gems of vintage re-issues. It will only be a matter of time before they come to me...
After a two month placement at the Design Museum, I can now honestly admit to falling head over heels. Max Lamb is just the right side of scrumptious and his pewter stools, made by creating the mould in sandy beaches and pouring in molton pewter, are so tactile. Do watch the video at the link above to see the man himself in action.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Springtime for Yorkshire

Heaven was in York this weekend.

A few days away with the Boy, surrounded by spring flowers, roman remains and Betty's tearoom, in full Easter splendour.

Finished with blogger playing up so I can't show you niceley aligned and pretty pictures to their best. Ah well....