Thursday, April 12, 2007

Moo to you too

I'm very excited. I was wandering around Flickr the other evening when I came across a phenomenon by the name of Moo. You select photos from your Flickr album, create a long thin business card with your chosen images on the other side and then write whatever you fancy on the back...
It could be 'the latest gig' (yeah right) just be left for notes or randomly sending around the world, or as I did, for my contact and blog details. I have been wanting to get business cards done forever, especially with these blogs, and this is such a simple and attractive way of getting some variety and not spending a fortune.
Oh, and I just thought, how great would they be for save the dates, moving information or baby announcements? So cute, so easy and I'm so in love.

And no, I've not been paid to say all this.

How on earth am I going to wait 7-10 business days??!?!!?!?

Life is unfair.


Shirl said...

Careful though . . . the MOO cards are addictive! I'm on my third batch!

paola said...

Getting some with 'mirrormirror' products on the back has been on my To Do list for AGES.

Looking forward to seeing more of yours.