Thursday, August 30, 2007

Channelling the Prozac

I love this poster. By all accounts, this government poster from the early 1940s was found in an attic and reproduced by a small print company. It is now on sale at the V&A, Etsy and many other outlets in a variety of hues and framing styles to suit any interior and has even graced the chest of Rupert Grint in its t-shirt form.

I love the austere Britishness of the sentiment. The regal crown implying that the royalty are managing to run the country, so you should be able to manage running your life during this period of turmoil.

I'm chanting it to myself daily. Keep calm. Carry on. Get on the train. Get to work. Breath in. Breath Out. Go Home. Sleep. I hope that one day my life will be more than this commute and this seat at this desk. So I am keeping calm and I am carrying on.

Because otherwise I will be completely and utterly overwhelmed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not Gone and Certainly Not Forgotten

Hello dear reader. Sorry for the extended absence, which is kinda like me, but not intended and very much apologised for.

Life has been pretty hectic at the moment and so I'm taking Ferris Bueller's advice and Stopping and Taking a Look Around.

Conversations have so far revolved around 'Where should we put the standard lamp' and 'How does the hot water work'. When not discussing the furnishing requirements of the new house, we've been wedding venue-viewing and guest-list drafting. Good lord!

For those who are interested, I'll try to keep wedding planning fun to Countryside Wedding and leave this to playing with my new garden, attempting to work out a centigrade electric oven (oh good lord) and any other bonanzas.

So, until the broadband gets set up at home, I'm limited to posting from work without my camera pics. So long and thanks for your patience. Normal business will resume shortly.


Monday, August 06, 2007

I want time to find other beautiful things

I love this site.


Bonkers name, gorgeous stuff.

All images from I Need Time to Think About Wildlife.