Thursday, August 30, 2007

Channelling the Prozac

I love this poster. By all accounts, this government poster from the early 1940s was found in an attic and reproduced by a small print company. It is now on sale at the V&A, Etsy and many other outlets in a variety of hues and framing styles to suit any interior and has even graced the chest of Rupert Grint in its t-shirt form.

I love the austere Britishness of the sentiment. The regal crown implying that the royalty are managing to run the country, so you should be able to manage running your life during this period of turmoil.

I'm chanting it to myself daily. Keep calm. Carry on. Get on the train. Get to work. Breath in. Breath Out. Go Home. Sleep. I hope that one day my life will be more than this commute and this seat at this desk. So I am keeping calm and I am carrying on.

Because otherwise I will be completely and utterly overwhelmed.

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