Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Very Happy Holidays

It has been a whirlwind of a year here and December has been no exception.

Christmas passed in a blur of roasted vegetables and cracker innards.

All I have to show for it is a tidy haul of beautiful presents and a fridge-full of slowly thinning leftovers.

I shall share it with you in pictures...

Fondue on Christmas Eve followed by tipsy Jenga and a victorious father-in-law!


Christmas day with presents, preparations and the scrumptious feast

The Boy was a triumph in the kitchen, and sleepy in the afternoon! 

Followed by a sunny boxing day walking around Bedfordshire and stumbling upon a delightful working mill with its own secret garden...


Now there's nothing left to do but face the tidy up!  

All will be well in 2008!

Best wishes to you and yours


1 comment:

Dennis said...

Happy New Year Helen! Your holiday posts make me so nostalgic for my London visit (it hardly seems possible it was an entire year ago).

I'm off to see my new grandnephew Evan for the first time on Sunday. He's reached the ripe old age of 6 weeks, and gains a pound every few days.

Hope 2008 brings you (and the boy) much joy, health and prosperity.