Friday, July 20, 2007

Anya Bananya

This morning, a queue formed outside the Museum. Zaha Hadid has been getting some excellent press, but this was not the cause.

The new Anya bag (limited edition, this time from Asia and therefore in Green or Grey) was released and a queue of over 50 giggling girls patiently waited until 10am when the shop opened. They purchased their bags (strictly one in, one out) and then went to the back of the queue. This was where the problems started. People had brought hats, changes of clothes, pulled their hair up, with noisy protestations that they had not just purchased one and deserved to get another. There was ‘Why are you selling one to this girl who’s just going to sell it on ebay, when I’m actually going to use it?’ Then go get a fibre-mesh carrier from Top Shop and use that.

The crazy crazy loons seem to have given no heed to reports following last time’s scrums that these bags are not organic cotton, are made by below-decent wage workers in the Far East and are shipped crazy distances upping the air-miles and carbon footprint of these righteously non-eco bags.  

Eco – schmeco. Can do better. x

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