Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Rather Gorgeous Evening

Yesterday was rather eventful.

The extraordinary weather conditions affected me only minorly. The Boy had invited me up to St Albans for the evening to house-hunt for our relocation out of the city. Trains and tubes ensured that I arrived hot, bothered and not a little un-gorgeous.

He greeted me at the station gates with a bunch of flowers: totally unlike him, the last bouquet I received was for my birthday two weeks after we started seeing each other.

We viewed the three houses and in an instant decided upon a gorgeous period cottage with what can only be descirbed as remarkable flooring.

Without further ado, we signed on the dotted line.

He had booked dinner at a restaurant on Market Street, chosen for its name: the elusive Marrakech that we have never quite managed to holiday to. This delightful and delicious restaurant compensated for the time being. The Boy was rather more talkative than usual and kept asking about the weather outside, as he was sat with his back to the window and feared more flash floods.

He suggested a little walk after dinner and we strolled to St Albans Abbey, sitting on a bench looking up at the ancient facade.

'New jobs, new house... shall we do something else new tonight?'

He took out a little box and opened it.

'So, do you like it?'

It was stunning.

I sat, stunned, and nodded.

'Will you be my wife?'

It's delicious, exciting, scary and incredible.

When he brings his camera back from work, I will, of course, show you everything.


Robert said...

How exciting! I'm so thrilled for both of you and can't wait to see more pictures. Best wishes from San Francisco.

paola said...

Oh wow! That brought tears to my eyes...

It sounds like we must talk.

paola said...

Oops forgot also to offer huge congratulations and also to the Boy. Nice job on the proposal...

Dennis said...

I am very happy for both of you. What a well-staged proposal. That earns the Boy a bank account of points in my book. And the ring is beautiful. Best wishes and hearty congratulations to you both.

cruststation said...

What a beautiful and romantic evening, congrats!

Steph said...

So exciting! How wonderfully romantic of him. :) Sorry I didn't attach my baby pix; will try again when I get home although no clue when that will be since it's taking forever to get my pt into the OR today... :P

Abigail said...

Aww :) *GOOD* proposal from the boy, congrats you two...that's fab news [so is the new place!] xox

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. A beautfil bright future for you both.
Best wishes from Treasure Island, Florida

cally said...

Splendid news! love how he did it. Now all your wedding expertise can be focussed onto your own big day.

Kate said...

Oh many many many congratulations!!! I know you'll have great fun planning the big day!