Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Carbooting and Souking

Semi-related experiences, except in England, the buyer meets the seller's suggested price about halfway. In Marrakech, you say your price and stick to it until the seller comes down from his stratospheric suggestions! Unless you are the Boy, in which case you accept the first offer immediately to escape the terror as quickly as possible.




Chair, no doubt salvaged from a garage, here seen after several hours of scrubbing and several buckets of water... Still in need of beeswax, but for £1 will do just fine as a sewing chair.




L to R:

Bargain coffeepot with cracked lid for 50p

(Birthday present from scrumptious mummy)

(Christmas present from mirrormirror)

Hand stencilled jug from Irish potter

Bargain transfer printed jug for £1.20

Cath Kidston Milk Jug

My windowsill can take no more. This does not mean that I shall buy no more.


 Mint tea produced for many a bartering session

Handblown tea glasses made from recycled bottles: The Boy bought the green set for £5. I bought the blue set a day later for 70p. We are equally pleased with our haggling.

Leather satchel to replace handbag combustion while away. The Boy also got a large-briefcase sized satchel for work.

One of four pairs of sandals purchased in the souk. Blingtastic!

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