Sunday, November 04, 2007

The wonders of Japanese Wrapping techniques

My boss travels. Alot. He requires a lot of organisation. Recently this organisation has stretched to fifteen individuals from different organisations in Japan, India and London working together to ensure that, during his 48 hour window in the UK last week, the Indian Embassay processed a visa application that normally takes over two weeks.

On his return from Japan, he gave me this parcel.


In case you're wondering, the greaseproofed package in the can, in the straw, wrapped in rice paper, in the box, in the paper wrapped in ribbon contained...

...sugared and seasoned walnuts.


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Robert said...

I went to Japan 7 years ago and was constantly amazed at how the smallest of purchases would be wrapped, boxed, wrapped again and then bagged. In department stores each department seemed to have sales people and packagers. And no amount of wild gesturing and English pleas could stop them from their rituals.