Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The great bake begins...

Sunday saw my first semi-bake of the season with frozen ready-made pastry and jarred mincemeat pies. More of a compilation than actual homemade pies but a move in the right direction.
Tuesday was the grand biscotti baking, pictures to follow shortly. After last year's over-egging, this year was much more firm, and sadly, therefore, verging on the inedibly crunchy side. I'm finding that they are only palatable with extraordinary amounts of desert wine. C'est la vie.
Last night was the gingerbread evening in aid of a colleague's leaving do on Friday. Icing will happen at work on the day as some kind of champagne fuelled extravaganza. I made enough dough to begin the foundations of a gingerbread house and some tree ornaments, both of which will be decorated and constructed at the weekend.
Don't say it very loudly, but I may just be starting to get into the holiday mood...

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JPK said...

I am eagerly awaiting a picture of the to-be-completed gingerbread house.

I tried to make Linzer cookies a few weeks ago but the entire pan of cut-outs MELTED in the oven into one big congealed mess.

I think the recipe on the Linzer cookie cutter set I bought was not correct.