Friday, September 29, 2006

Me on Tinterweb

My only photographic contribution to the wonders of blogging before Beholden was born was an excitement-inducing posting of my picture on the fabulous Dressaday blog.

If you scroll down on this page to the Duroesque (again) post, that rather stretched and headless photo is me!

Erin (McKean, the incredibly intelligent and gorgeous blogger at DaD) is now talking about bringing together all Duro loveliness to create a handy link at the side of the page so I'll have to get a wiggle on with the liberty fabric I found at this great shop in South Kensington so I can show her the other Duros that I have on my production line.

My autumnal resolution is to photograph everything that I make so that I can have a record of my creations. Will I remember to photo, post, and blog?! As well as the gym membership I've just started?! One can only hope...

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