Friday, June 29, 2007

Holiday Rainyday

Just before I begin my new job, the Boy and I are taking a much needed break (generously bestowed upon us by his A&E rota) of 6 days away. We are going to the small island on the North Eastern coast off Wales called Anglesey, where nestles a caravan owned by family friends and thus, free! That is basically its most attractive feature.

Having said that, last year, we cliff-walked, thrifted, dined and barbequed for three days and it was very pleasant indeed. I even got me a sunburn from a three hour walk in a boob tube.

As the weather continues to persist from the heavens, something tells me that this holiday will not be quite as felicitous, weather-wise. I therefore give you:

What to pack for a week in a caravan with little hope of sunny excursions or outdoor pleasures:

  1. Poker set consisting of cards, chips, instructions and green baize
  2. Scrabble. Lots of scrabble. And a dictionary. To prevent the squabbles.
  3. Draft dissertation (who said I was going to get it finished before the holiday?! Fools....)
  4. Ipod, charger
  5. Laptop, charger
  6. Camera, charger ]
  7. Phones, charger
  8. Sweatshirts, rugs, sturdy boots
  9. Cake

Any other suggestions received before Monday gratefully received.

Wish me luck!

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paola said...

In a word, 'Boggle'