Thursday, June 07, 2007

One Hour's Makeup, One Hour's Nailbiting

Having missed E4's airing last night and terrorised by the fact that a visit to the parents on Friday night would miss the terristrial viewing, the Boy very kindly allayed my anguish and downloaded the final episode of the exquisite Ugly Betty first series.

I settled down to watch it as soon as I got home from work this afternoon, painting my nails to ensure my hands couldn't fidget with sewing or suchlike. I wanted to give her my undivided attention.

It is just as well, or my fingers would have been nibbled to shreds.

Oh Good Lord.

This series was originally my one guilty pleasure. My minnow of trivia in a sea of intellectual studentdom. How wrong can one girl be? The final episode simultaneously tied up all loose ends while leaving me shrieking at the screen three times, countless bursts of laughter and at least a few tears shed by the credits.

If you missed this, any of this, watch it now. Get popcorn, get your girlfriends, get the wine. It is brilliantly funny, cringeworthy, extraordinarily camp and fantastically catty.

And hey, when your geek is this cute, can you honestly think of a reason not to watch?


The title is a reference to the one hour's makeup that America Ferrera has to undergo to transform from beauty to 'ugly'. I can't actually say that I prefer her one way to the other. She does look fantastically 'healthy' though. Fingers crossed she doesn't go to the dark side of uber-waif with prolonged exposure to LA.

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lulu said...

Shes from LA so she should be fine.