Saturday, September 08, 2007

Commissioning Art

Let’s be honest, I’m unlikely to ever be in a position to ring up Damien Hirst and request he produce me a piece of artwork specific to my requirements. Though I live in custom-made frocks, they’re custom made by me, which isn’t really quite the same as Chanel Couture. I am, however, in a position to commission jewellery, and am now the proud owner of a beautiful pair of earrings, specially commissioned to my specifications by an upcoming designer, currently touring the land as part of the Dazzle exhibition.

My sister’s 21st birthday party had a very specific theme of ‘A Hint of Pink’. I and the other 80 guests, were under strict instructions that we were to wear a hint and not a lot of pink, lest we divert attention away from the birthday girl. I wracked my brains for details to coordinate with my black and white frock.


While I love the pearl and oxidised silver bracelet stocked by mirror mirror, it was slightly beyond my purse strings. I contacted Abigail Percy, the extraordinarily talented young designer-maker, to see what she could do. She sent me a beautiful ‘hasty scribble’ (her words) of suggested designs and I selected the elegant simplicity of a single pearl drop on a handmade fitting.

They arrived just in time, no thanks to striking postmen, and I felt quite the belle of the ball.


The process was smooth and enjoyable and I highly recommend thinking outside the box when looking at contemporary jewellery designers’ work. If you like their general style but can’t quite see what you want, contacting them for a discussion is free and could result in a truly unique and beautiful piece.

Thanks, Abigail, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


paola said...

Abigail is lovely isn't she? Actually I love all those earring ideas she sent... May have to commission something myself.

paola said...

Oh and Ian and I have decided you look like Erin O'Connor...