Monday, September 17, 2007

Farewell to the Mirrors

Well, after just under a year of working with the fabulous Paola, I have handed on the reins (and storage!) to a good friend of P's in Cambridge, and beholden's involvement in mirrormirror is no more.

It's been an incredibly informative and interesting company to work for, not least of all the delights of giftware tradefairs and sampling and sourcing new products. I've learnt so much about presentation, fudgemaking, giftwrapping and how not to smash £50 worth of product in trans-atlantic postal disasters.

Thankyou for your kind words and for teaching me so much about online retail! I know your beautiful boutique will go from strength to strength, and in the meantime, I'm kicking myself for not unwrapping the new stock before it left my apartment...How gorgeous are these?? How much do I want them for no other reason than to stare and stroke??

Oh, and I'm coveting these monochrome beauties. When I get my mid-century minimalist pad, these will be my first purchase.

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paola said...

You will be very much missed. Thanks so much for EVERYTHING - and the cake made the drive up the motorway an awful lot more pleasant :)