Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love it or hate it?

Really can't decide...

Fever Bird Print Dress

Love the print

Hate the cut

Love the pleating detail

Hate what it would do to my chest

Love the colour

Hate the length

Votes please...


JPK said...

I think there are too many negatives preventing the positives from shining through.

Would it be possible convert it into a skirt?

Helen said...

I think I may just have to sigh and move on. I have fallen in love with the e-shop, though. Pop along to my other blog and see all the pretty dresses that I keep finding. Also, just finished a scrumptious summer frock that is much more flattering than this one so will take pictures of it shortly to share and brag!! xx

JPK said...

I am looking forward to my next critiquing opportunity.