Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Valentine's Triumph

Bless him. One of the few times that the Boy enters the kitchen with grand designs is February 14th. For better or worse, he had the afternoon off clinic on that day so had a full 8 hours preparation time to brace himself for the culinary onslaught. Three supermarket trips later... and I came home to...

the table

On the table, we had candles, a menu and delicious delights.

valentines dinner bedlum 

In the kitchen, a small hurricane had managed to decimate each and every pot, bowl and utensil that I own.

mushroom flan main course

Mushroom and garlic flan to start and home battered calamari with watercress salad, pan fried potatoes and grilled tomatoes.

Bless the Boy. He was rightly proud and I was rightly full.

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