Friday, November 10, 2006

The Boots have died... Long live the Boots

In January 2004, I went boot shopping for my Mum... She was having trouble finding knee high boots that fit her right calf (larger than her left due to 40-odd years of sewing machines - amusing fact of seamstress life until you try to go bootshopping)...

Anyway, I found a Pikolinos pair that were roomy on me. Sad to say they didn't fit her, but I had by this point fallen utterly in love with them, and they were to become my FAVOURITE footwear for all year round, chuck 'em on, dress it up, wear it down, summer flitty dress or opaque tighted mini skirted chic.

They were on the verge of death last year, when I replaced the zips and the soles at great cost... Then the heel started breaking. And the sole slipped. And the zips didn't run as smoothly as they used to... And I had to start admitting to myself that they weren't going to last me 10,000 years like they're supposed to.

The hunt began.

I give you... my beautiful new boots...

Now I realise that my new ones do look more knackered than my old, but believe me when I say that that is how they come and I *HEART* them. They make me happy.

I feel extraordinary amounts of guilt. I have a very small income, very large outgoings, and £2,000 on my credit card. But my sister bought a pair at the same time so we got Buy One, Get One Half Price, so actually we saved money.

And that's all that really matters... That and MY NEW BOOTS!!!

For reasons best known to the Boy's camera, my legs look short and fat in the second picture. I am 5'11" and they're all I've got going on. I'm claiming the legs of the top picture.


lottie said...

Both pairs of boots are great. I can sympathise though. Just yesterday I had the zip replaced on one of my favourite boots as it had broken and I was so upset at the prospect of not wearing them again. I got them three years ago from Poste Mistress and have just not found any to match them since, although it's not for want of trying!

I'm going to see the junk shop man tomorrow... he's keeping some 1960s stools for me. I don't need them and have nowhere to put them, but he always turns up such great things...!

Strwberrydelight said...

It would be so rude to turn them down if he had put them aside specially! Can't wait to see pictures.

Have lusted after Poste Mistress many a time, bring on Euro Millions I say.

lottie said...

Already got my ticket... Of course, I will be staying in tonight, cluching it!