Thursday, November 30, 2006

All quiet on the blogging front...

Apologies for my lack of communication recently. Despite my course requiring little or no work and the Boy being off work for four days, it has been unusually busy around here. This is mainly due to the press and publicity that Mirror Mirror is getting around two particular items.

It is really exciting seeing a business grow, boom and react to the vagaries of the magazine editorial world, but my goodness it's kept me on my toes.

After a 5 hour joint sesh with me on the wrapping with tissue and sumptuous ribbon, and the Boy in charge of box-building, Recorded Delivery Slip filling and box-taping, this was the pile that greeted us in the morning.

The Boy convinced me to trot off to my lecture while he took three bin bags full to the postoffice. Postman Pat was not a happy man.

Today, we drive to Norfolk to *test* out his new wheels, then off to the National Theatre to see Caroline or Change. Will report back on car and caroline.

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