Monday, November 13, 2006

Turn again Whittington, though lowly citizen, Lord Mayor of London

This Saturday saw the Boy and I (in my beautiful new boots of course) striding down Bishopsgate to get us a spot to watch the Lord Mayor's Show.

Big planes treated us to a flyover just before 11am

A loan bugle called us to silence for 2 minutes.

All of this was amazingly covered by a range of people for the BBC(note my subtle highlighting of Clare Balding who spent most of the morning looking pretty frazzled and striding from one interview to another):

A lovely morning, with jigging, bands, twirls and spills, but sadly blighted by what I can only describe as the traiterous behaviour of my boots, which crippled me with five (count them) blisters and are now rendered unwearable until my injured feet can bear the rematch...

A happy London day. With London feet. Ouch.

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rebecca said...

Sorry to hear your boots gave you grief - unforgivable really.

(Try Compeed plasters - expensive but work amazingly well.)