Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fudging It

Paola mirror mirror makes the most amazing fudge I have ever tasted. It's not chewy Cadbury Roses fudge that glues your jaw together. It's more like Kendal Mint Cake but not minty, a bit granular and drier. She is beautifully generous and includes a sneaky taste of two squares in with every order from mirror mirror.

At the moment it is being shipped in boxes from Seattle. I thought I'd have a bash at making it myself, despite being scared off candy making since a bad toffee apple experience as a child. *shudder*

The recipe* was one of those beauties that are handed down from family to friend and back again, and so the recipe amounts were 'a pack of x' and 'enough to moisten' and such like. Perfect when you have the recipe giver with you for the first effort. Not so great when good ol' supermarket stocks a variety of sizes and I've an overly liberal glugging hand with crucial moistening ingredients.**
Melt butter with sugar.

Butter melted

Sugar dissolved.

Increase heat and stir. Hard. Watch for splashes.


After decanting the boiling hot fudge-mess into two different pans (and changing hobs as the front left was now emitting a rather pungent burnt sugar smell)... I carried on with one pan. Just to be safe. In this one, you can see the difference in colour of the two pans. The one at the front has caramelised and is ready to go into prepared tray. The one at the back was next. The recipe said 'Stir to prevent sticking'. Now I was worried that my mix wasn't sticky enough, as it was still the consistency of thin yoghurt. So I turned on the tap to prepare for the cleaning of the hob. And left the stirring for 20 SECONDS. Honestly.

Good thing it was separated into two batches!!!

Poured into prepared tin. I have one tray of rather thin but pretty damn good fudge, with occassional patches stirred in of fudgey goo which I think was my overheating for fear of underheating. ***
As you can see, I rescued the hob.
As you can see, I rewarded myself with one square for doing such a good job.

*Paola is currently in talks with the recipe-giver as to the possible publication of it in detail on the net. When that's been okay'd, I'll be back to pass it on.

** Yes that includes wine... and no not for making fudge.
*** On that basis, I think it's only fair that this batch stays in the comfort of my home for now. Will do another for passing on to mirror mirror customers. If I can bear it!!


paola said...

And I thought the instructions were foolproof...

Strwberrydelight said...

Sorry chuck, nothing personal. They were detailed in the extreme and I'm sure if you were watching me you'd have picked up on my rookie errors... Better luck on 2nd!xx