Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Soldier Boy / Tag You're It

Inspired by the deliciously talented Anna Maria Horner's beautiful dress tags and living with the Boy whose nickname is TinSoldier*, I have created my own male-friendly tags. Promise to share a piccy when I've done the deed and coloured them in myself later!!

I warn you, I horrified myself with the degree of importance I placed upon keeping inside the lines when colouring the dresses in. God speed!!

I wish you all the happiness but none of the stress of Christmas!!**

* For being so darned tall and skinny

**I would like to add that this mini-project has nothing to do with the 4,000 word essay that is currently locked somewhere inside my brain and all to do with the good in my heart. Honestly, 4,000 about Ken Livingstone's cultural policy??! I can think of two. And they're not suitable for your innocent eyes.

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