Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Domestic Goddess in Training

I have had a rather productive few days...

The garden jungle is slowly (s l o w l y) taking shape, *blighted* only by an extremely productive but rather overreaching blackberry bramble along one side of the garden.

I have so far made a summer pudding, blackberry and apple crumble and this rather spectacular victoria sponge with blackberry and apple and mascarpone filling. I have taken inspiration from the Highest of Highest Domestic Goddess, Nigella, and been making various victoria sponges with more interesting fillings than plain ol' tesco's value jam.

This sponge was made in honour of my best friend's boyfriend's birthday last Friday, and though he couldn't make the dinner (for the reason of an overdue laying of carpet...!) he arrived in time for the tea and cake dessert course and it went down a treat.

Then last night, I attempted my second ever only meringue in my life with blinding success. So succesful, in fact, that it swelled to the ceiling of the oven!! This was the fabulously named 'Blueberry Boy-Bait' from How to be a Domestic Goddess and bait the boy it did. He was very impressed and it went down a treat for the break in the sewing lesson I was giving to two of my lovely girls last night.

This is the meringue before baking:

And this in all its splendour:

Proud is simply not the word!!

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