Monday, August 14, 2006

Flip Out

Flip Words
Flip Words

Create words from the letter grid to solve the puzzles!

Play this free game now!!

I am obsessed. It's so frustrating. More so than Sudoku, cos at least then you have a grid with nicely filled in numbers to show off. This is just as addictive, just as timeconsuming and even more ridiculously pointless.

Comes from having a job that doesn't keep you very busy and yet you have to look busy at your computer all day. They literally don't care if you surf the internet all day looking at junk, but heaven forbid you read your book at your desk if there's no work to do!

I never can find anyone to sympathise with me for my internet exhaustion. Oh to be sitting here working on my new project - a needlepoint Kaffe Fasset cushion cover. My first needlepoint since I did crossstich as a kid. It's very satisfying but surprisingly difficult to make look good and neat. It's only August but the weather looks like October and I feel in need of a hearth and a cup of tea to have with my wool.

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