Monday, May 14, 2007

Eurovision goes with a swing and a cupcake

My parties seldom conclude without some form of baked goods being produced on a cakestand. What can I say? I have a disease.

Orange Broadband was playing up all day and thank goodness I was able to access the fabulous official eurovision site for a moment to download the semi-final winners. The cocktail stick-flags were suitably painted and became the means by which countries were dolled out to guests. The flag-waving began.

Having just come off a week of nights and spent the day stoically burning meat in the garden in the rain, the Boy required a catnap during voting. Obviously the back of the sofa was the ideal place.


The night went fantastically well with staggering levels of enthusiasm and concentration given to most songs. The three trigger items I chose this year were bare chests, leather and fire. The latter was by far the most toxic and responsible for at least one headache this morning.

All eyes were on the Ukraine, which was sadly cheated of its great potential. Do look them up... Einz, zwei, drei, TANZEN!!

Oh, and as promised, two of my booting purchases, both of which received their first outing this weekend: