Thursday, May 31, 2007

Humana Humana Noa Noa

On my way to my meeting with my new boss, I had twenty minutes to kill so popped into a boutique on Shad Thames.

Big Mistake.

Tried this on and am now in love.

Yellow Maxi dress (viscose georgette lined in cotton) £65.00, Noa Noa

However, can't decide if it loves me. I will have to take the sister in hand to a trying-on session to determine if an empire waist yellow dress is actually the way forward for me.

In its defence, the straps were bra-hideable wide and comfortable, the covered buttons kept my modest and the neckline was suitably high so I felt secure, but not like a nun, the empire line actually snugged to my midriff and the length grazed the top of my instep.

It's still, however, yellow.