Sunday, May 06, 2007

My New Job

As ever, my days involve floating like so much flotsam and jetsam from desk to office to workplace, hoping that one of them will be so kind as to give me long term employment. That I want.

No such luck as yet.

However, my new job at Hidden has afforded me hours of time 'working' researching present and new designer makers in the London area. My fingers positively dance around the internet, drooling over many a talented young thing's creations.

Current favourites include...

Ella Doran, and in particular this Vintage Plate Tray (£15)

Hannah Louise Lamb's scroll earrings (£72)

Oxi Scroll Earrings

Jane Claire's Cushions (£64.95)

In my defence, a tray was actually on my list of Things I Need and at the moment, it's also on the list of Things I Can Afford.

So this weekend, I shall get me to Cheshire Street.