Saturday, May 19, 2007

Monsoon season

Monsoon's website was historically pretty lame. The information took up about the top third of the screen and the images were always tiny. Oh, and you couldn't actually get your hands on a single item.

All this has changed. And even all the hard-to-locate stores with Homeware and Menswear have been transcribed online.

I'm a happy bunny. Lots of 'handpainted' and I'm never sure, with them, how much of it is eco-aware and how much is overpriced not-made-in-a-very-nice-way fashionable tat.

For now, I'll just look and lust...

Handpainted Flower CoastersRed Painted Coloured GlassHand Painted Canister

Handpainted mother of pearl coasters (£18)

Red handpainted glass (for shots, cocktails, candles or flowers?) (£8

Hand Painted Ceramic Canister (£15)

And the crowing glory of the Monsoon Fusion Rangee?

Black embroiderie anglais Adana Dress (£38). I would sell my mother for this dress in white.

Adana Broidery Dress

Probably just as well, Mum, that it's not an option!!