Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Loving my Boy

After three years as a student, three years as a costume girl, two years as a legal secretary, one year as a PA, one year as a student and varying degrees of great expense, I can now confirm that I have a job.

I have been offered a job in an area that interests me, with a reasonably good salary, with great potential for learning, exposure to incredibly influential people, within a twenty minute commute on my bike, with views of the river Thames, a Konditor and Cook cafe (with discount) and a GREAT SHOP.

The downside is that I will yet again be a PA but I will also be a Marketing Assistant, which is very exciting. I don't think I would have this potential step onto the ladder within my grasp ever again so I have decided to clutch at it with sweaty fists while it's there.

My Boy, on the other hand, is going through fifteen stages of trauma in the wake of evil politics and policy changes. We went from uncertainty about my future and absolute certainty (with a flexible geographical location) for his, and have turned 360 degrees.

It's exhausting, upsetting and completely destabilising.

However, he has continued to be incredibly supportive, encouraging, thoughtful, thought-provoking (when I couldn't decide between three different job offers - how obnoxious am I?) and positive. I just don't know what I would do without him, and he hasn't stopped saying how proud he is of me since we decided this morning.

I love my Boy for so many reasons, many of them much less complex than I would like to maintain, but absolutely his unswerving belief that I will be fine and we will be even better than fine has stopped me having multiple nervous breakdowns over the last two years.

Check out the lyrics of the 'chorus' of this little ditty, and weep.

He sent them to me when he was on placement in Ghana two years ago and I was going through costume job traumas. I started crying for wholly different reasons.

Aren't I a lucky girl?

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