Friday, October 20, 2006

Baking with aplomb

If you are in a quandry, with ingredients in your cupboard that you are sure would make a meal or a course but not quite sure the combination or quantity, there is no better resource than the BBC Food website...

They feature seasonal specialities, new menus and related goodies (lunch box ideas in September) as well as an enormous searchable database of recipes from all BBC programmes, including anything from Blue Peter to Ready Steady Cook to The Kitchen Diaries, and also some featured chefs such as Anthony Carluccio or Elizbeth David.

This little number was in the menu highlighted the bottom of the BBC Food homepage last week (it has now been updated but still accessible through the search tool) and lives up to the delightful name supplied: Wonderfully Moist Fresh Plum Cake

Battle has officially commenced with MirrorMirror...

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