Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lotus style

I met up with my old friends from University last night. These are the lovely ladies who, when I attended my very first seminar in Literature, History and Difference and couldn't bear the silences and staring at shoes that everyone else was demonstrating, didn't judge me for blurting out nonsense (including expressing surprise and slight unrest on discovering that one of my favourite female poets is gay-just puts a slant I wasn't expecting at the time on them-I'm over it now!!) and filling the void of shoe shuffling with what claimed to be intelligent comments on the literature of the English speaking world.

Thank goodness we went for multiple coffees after most of our lectures (hey, what else is being a student for?) and formed a firm group. One of them is now my best friend in all the land, and the rest are just wonderful for the occassional dinner and tale of attempting to control, nevermind teach, a room of adolescent boys.

We dined at Ping Pong in St Christopher's place. This was the lotus flower tea which arrived looking like a dung beetle's offering and over the course of about 8 minutes in hot water expanded to form the most beautiful floating temple...

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