Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Painted Lacey...

Does that title make sense?! I was going for the 'Painted Lady' idea and not sure it worked!

The Boy's work ball beckoned and I had exhausted the (let's be honest here) plentiful ballgowns in my wardrobe... I scoured online Vogue catwalk shows and came across this little gem by Badgeley Mischka...

Gorgeous, non?

My attempt at the same came out like this. I really enjoyed working out how to mimic the shoulder straps, which ended up being a combination of those little lace pieces in ivory and gold stitched together onto grosgrain ribbon, embroidered and painted with my childhood watercolour set! Perhaps not washable, but then the velvet's vintage from a neighbour's mum's attic so I wouldn't trust it in my Whirlpool quite yet!

Will find a full length pic soon, but in the meantime, here's one of the straps themselves - I'm pretty pleased with them!

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paola said...

You really are RIDICULOUSLY clever. Can't wait to see the full-length version and just loving the colour of your velvet.