Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Run Fatboy Run (I kid you not...)

A pleasant surprise this morning to find a fully fledged film set at the end of my road. A derelict, or at least empty, shopfront on the corner of Columbia Road and Ravenscroft Street has been transformed into Libby's Fine Buns for the upcoming Run Fat Boy Run to be released next summer, starring Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton and directed by none other than David Schwimmer!!

To be honest, the star spotting was completely uneventful (unless you count the back of a baseball capped head, which I was informed belonged to Mr Ross Geller). I just thought the set was exquisite... The cakes were piled up inside too, and the hanging items in the windows are individually decorated 'cookies'. Beautiful...

Do you agree?


tash said...

hi helen
i miss you so much you no it is good to be back but i miss everyone
guess what i got in next ... lots of clothes and........ some piglet jimjams how cool,
when i went to banok i got some hello kitty niteys they are really cute
going back to school is really hard ...again
so what are you doing as a stundent i dont no what they do

lots of truck fulls of love

natasha (tish tash)

x=kiss and o=hug love you

Strwberrydelight said...

Hello lovely!!Thanks for dropping by my blog - I hope you enjoyed the chats here. Your pj's and nighties sound just lovely, and a scrummy reminder of your travels abroad.
I'm a student studying about how to work in a museum or a theatre. You know when you go on school trips and there are people that show you around and tell you all sorts of cool things about the place you are visiting? That's what I'm studying. You're a student too - a student is someone who learns things. I guess when you say I'm a student now though it means I'm a bit older and studying at a University. A University is just a big school for grownups really.
So that's all!
Give my love to your Mummy and Daddy and Leo and keep dropping by here. Nice to have you around!
Scrumpots of love
h xx