Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well this is very exciting! The news that I hinted at a couple of days ago has been confirmed! I am now the officially titled 'Customer Experience Manager' of the lovely (and exceedingly indulgent) Mirror Mirror on the Web!! God bless blogland...

Having read on Paola's blog (the owner of MMotW) that she was in a pickle and needed assistance during her emmigration to the US for two years, I offered my services.

She and hubbie came around today to see my flat and make sure I didn't have rising damp that may damage the stock and I plied her with tea and cake. And now...as of Sunday, I will be holding the beautiful stock of MMotW in my sewing room! How very trusting Paola is!!

I think the cupcakes cinched it...!

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paola said...

I was CONVINCED I'd added a comment to this page yesterday.

Just wanted to say that I was having very serious reservations until the cupcakes came out ;)