Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Will anyone buy my lovely flowers?

Despite the fact that I whinge and moan my lack of period features (oh for a dado rail... or a fireplace... is that so much to ask?!) the one benefit of my ex-council concrete square flat is its location. It is within spitting distance of the delectable Columbia Road flower market which blooms into life every Sunday morning.

It is fabulous, for its number of stalls, variety, enthusiasm of stallholder, bargainous prices and the great variety of handicraft/vintage fashion/gardening/interiors/brickabrack/any number of others shops that line the road tempting me with their wares. One of the best things about the market, though, is its timing. Sunday from 8-3pm. It does not take over the area. It is there just when you need it, providing diversion, great attraction and variety for visitors to the pad but not so frequent that it takes up all the parking spaces or bores you with its regularity.

I love tripping down to the market at about 2 o'clock to get the bargains. Last weekend I got this incredible bunch on a stall that starts the day at 2 bunches a fiver, then at noon goes to three bunches a fiver and by 2pm, this bouquet of four bunches cost me the princely sum of... you guessed it... a fiver!!

There's no excuse for my lack of pictures of the actual market. I will do my darnedest to get some this weekend. If nothing else, the contrast to the market at Christmas (all wreaths and trees - fabulous!) will be better demonstrated visually in December... Oooh I can't wait!!

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