Thursday, February 01, 2007

Inspiring but Traditional

Was utterly inspired by Rebecca Picallili's ideas for a quilt in linear shades of grey, green and blue.
However, having been brought up by a traditional quilter and lived within spitting distance of Amish country for three years, I think my ideas of what constitutes patchwork and quilting may be a touch too ingrained...

My screen (a Greenwich market find) and two quilts made by my mum. The snippet on the right is my 'college quilt' that each of the four children in my family was made for their leaving home. Mine is made up of remnants from all the ridiculously pink and flowery dresses I so adored as a child. The more bows and lace the better. I fear precious little has changed.
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rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the link, I also love the more traditional and complex patchwork although the amount of work that goes into them is what scares me !!!

Hope you are recovering well after your op.