Sunday, February 04, 2007

Retail Therapy

Saturday papers brought my notebook and a host of links to investigate. As is frequently the case, the objects I hoped to find have been superceded by more pretty ones... Here goes

Really Linda Barker of all people - gorgeous vases and so versatile.

Barker & Stonehouse: Fun clock that I would only have in my house on the promise it did not tick. I can't cope with ticking clocks!

Wilbur & Gussie Clutch: Can't work out which one drew me to the page, but my, the choice is staggering.
Letterbox: I saw these flashcards around the top of a child's bedroom. Sweet retro vibe and not too acidic primary colours.
Couverture: Scrumptious homeware that has a classic vibe without drowning you in polka dots and cabbage roses. Loving this reissued book:

Re-Found Objects: Wholly moly, have I unleashed a monster here. Read it and actually, possibly weep.

Final piece of cheeky couture. Valentino. *Sigh*Have a scrumptious weekend


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