Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Collect @ V&A

As previously blogged, Collect weekend has now been and gone. Got me to the V&A yesterday (during half term week, with the Kylie exhibition a mere hours old - recipe for tripping over small people all - day - long) to view the goods and oh my.

Collect itself was less of an exhibition or retrospective or even futurspective and more of an opportunity for galleries around the world to bring together their best works and showcase their favourite artisans. I have to admit to completely underestimating the extent to which the exhibition was a buying fair: the amount of money changing hands was spectacular.*

It was, however, wonderful to be in the presence of so much talent and not feel too pressured to buy anything. I certainly don't feel like I could walk into one of the galleries themselves and wander about, oggling, without making excuses about rich husbands being out of town and window shopping until they get back, but I really will return with his credit card, honestly.

Designers who particularly caught me include:

Rupert Spira

Jo Hayes-Ward Philip Sajet
I want to be 50 and trying on a ring that cost £1008 and actually considering purchasing it. One day...


paola said...

If you were 50 you wouldn't be able to get the ring on over your knuckles....

Will email you about the above soon.

casapinka said...

That ring and necklace...I'll take 'em! Gorge.