Friday, January 26, 2007

Crafty Crafty thoughts...

Next weekend is Collection, a nationwide Craft Council-led festival (albeit very low key) of international craft and design. It is focused mainly on the V&A Collect exhibition, but there are also events around the country. Click here to open the PDF programe of events.

I'm currently trying to convince my conscience, and the Boy, that a trip northwards for a sibling's 30th birthday is not entirely necessary, because the beloved Ruth Singer is holding a cushion class at the Geffreye Museum. This combination is just too much to bear.

The Geffreye Museum is about an eighth of a minute away from my home, is the museum of the British Living Room and an ode to historical interior design and the domestic front room. The shop is just gorgeous and the 1910 Arts & Crafts room leaves me in raptures every time I drop by. It's free to get in. My dropping by is frequent and lengthy.

Ruth Singer is a disgustingly talented designer who combines fashion history with sumptuous and elegant interior design that's usable but informed. And she uses pretty colours. I'm hooked.

Fall in love with this. And then sign up to the class.

If I can't go, I want to hear from those who did and see their creations. Jealous, moi? You betcha.

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shoobydoo said...

Ooh, I really want to go and see the Collect exhibition, I was so sad to miss it last year. Are you as obsessed with jewellery as I am? If you are then I know we are true blog twins! x