Friday, January 26, 2007

Culture Shock

Busy week coming to a close. Considering I twisted my back while getting ice cream from the freezer on Sunday evening (New Year detox karma), hobbling around to this lot was more effort than I had intended my good intentions to require!!
Monday: Perfume at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation: good costumes, intriguing Ben Wishaw, but sadly, just as unintriguing as I found the book.
Tuesdsay: £5 tickets to see Happy Days at National Theatre: considering it was one woman in a pile of sand for 90 minutes - utterly captivating.
Wednesday: Menage a Trois in Stoke Newington, three courses catered by my fabulous foodie friends:
Smoked Salmon on soda bread, coq au vin and tiramisu. Heaven on three plates.

Thursday: Scenes from an Execution at Hackney Empire Studio Theatre to see an actor who I dressed at the Globe strip off in the name of art. Didn't find the play as powerful as the reviewers, but did enjoy seeing Ian McKellen in the foyer, sat in my row and then muttering about taxis outside.
Friday (plans): Ugly Betty on the sofa, homemade wonton soup and Maple and Walnut Cupcakes.*
*Will blog these later - the smell coming from the oven is glorious.
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