Thursday, January 04, 2007

Calm returns to the land of the Beholder

Ding Dong the essay's done, the essay's done, the essay's done, Ding Dong the wicked essay's done!!

4,000 words. I even manged up to 4,434, not including footnotes. God I'm brilliant! And modest.

I have discovered that I am now incapable of working seriously at a computer that is connected to the internet as I cannot pause for consideration and contemplation of just the right adverb to describe Ken Livingstone's cultural prowess without *just* popping onto a blog or two. I had to resort to printing and taking to the dining room table with tea and fountain pen in hand as I'm not man enough to resist the temptations of my *friends*....

I have, however, under the guise of research found this tool for hours of procrastination...This might be my favourite game ever. Even after Scrabble and Pictionary. And that's saying something. I fear I may have gone from sublime intelligence to complete frivolity and ridiculous dedication to the cause of sharing my masterpiece with the entirety of creation.

Appreciation, my humble audience, so that my endeavours are not in vain?!?!

She was so much better when grooving to the Beach Boys Fun Fun Fun

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