Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just keep trekking!

As you will see from the thermometer to the right, things are warming up for Mum's and my fundraising efforts. We are a quarter of the way there, which is just as well: we're going in 10 months!!I've been having something of a cull. One of my resolutions is to have less things in this flat when the year is out than when it began. I am so far doing quite well, via the beautiful wonders of Ebay! So far made £60 from 'regifting' some beautiful but not-quite-my-taste Winnie the Pooh mugs (only 4 - there must be some real Eeyore fanatics out there!)Sellers are being given a listing discount tomorrow, so posting of goods will start afresh tomorrow, and I'm cleansing a few vintage clothes, patterns and accessories. It breaks my heart, but I have had most of these in my possession for over a year and usually put them on, sigh, take them off and wear something else. Someone must be able to do better than that.

Here is a sneak preview. Bid happy folks!xx

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