Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Globular Gowns

Had to join in the internet frenzy that is slagging off other people's eveningwear...
But first, a ray of sunshine in the form of these lovely ladies...

Am so far loving Kate Winslet for always looking so damned fabulous, elegant and sexy without looking like a toothpick. English rosy curves at their very best.

America Ferrerra ruined it for British audiences to prove that she certainly ain't Ugly, but then we all knew that would happen. Looking forward to seeing the reveal even more now! (The Boy scoffs and usually tries to storm out the room when it comes on, proclaiming it 'vapid cack', then I remind him that Friday nights are our time together after a long and stressful week, so will he please sit down in silence next to me while I watch escapist drama that he doesn't like. He usually obliges....!)

Oh Cate, you make me love you even more. I know I would fall into the Gwyneth trap if I were to go to one of these ceremonies and pretend to be a princess on prom night. You are offbeat, interesting, alluring, sexy, striking and good lord, even the shoes are fabulous. These gowns are so hard to wear without looking like you got half of it caught in a closing bus door. Alexander McQ, I take the rest of my skirt off to you in salute.

Baddies to come.... I'm off to college (late). How does it happen when I get up extra early to get jobs done that I always end up leaving the house late?!

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ALL THE BEST said...

Great site! Kate & Cate are both so lovely!