Sunday, January 07, 2007

Design Museum, Shad Thames

I had finished my essay, London was damp to say the least, and I had a sudden urge to seek culture.

I got me to Bermondsey to see the much hallowed but horrendously, never visited (by me) Design Museum.

Poised outside the museum on the phone for ten minutes, I was cheerfully amazed by the hordes queueing outside. It shamed me to realise that this museum is clearly on a list somewhere as a must-visit. The entry fee of £7 (£4 concessions) was a little steep considering the limited permanent collection on display, but the temporary exhibition on Alan Fletcher was fantastic.

I must admit to not knowing of this man's existence until Friday, when I was taught the length and breadth of his design talent: the V&A symbol, the ART lettering on the front of THE ART BOOK (surely owned by every thinking person in the world... except me), the Pirelli calendar and about a thousand typefaces and imaging that has changed the face of advertising and signage. Very informative and visually stimulating, I thoroughly enjoyed being taught about a subject that I knew precious little.

And then upstairs to the permanent collection. Lit all the way with these...

The evolution of the chair, the Tube map, the Penguin book, John Nash's stage design, and National Theatre poster style. All British Institutions in their own way and all fascinating and shiver-inducing to see caged up for display. Makes you realise that one day the things we take for granted will be relics of a bygone age. I've saved this little delight until the end. Pure beauty.

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rebecca said...

Looks like you had a fun day - the Penguin books are beautiful. It has been a while since I last went, you have inspired me to go again soon.

ps Enjoying the YOLG blog - keep up the good work!