Sunday, January 14, 2007


If only digital cameras made such a satisfying sound. I had the good fortune to borrow the Boy's Grandma's camera over the Christmas period and boyo, the noises and grindings it made. Proper, press, wait for the flash to load up, with the zoooooom and then the little green light, *clunk* when you depress the button, then the whirring of the film around to the next exposure, a pause, and a lighter click to confirm the camera is prepared for the next snap.

Not so for now. Here is my offering to the land of photography competitions, running at my & Paola's blog, Living Gorgeously.

Twas taken from a moving bus outside St Paul's Cathedral and then zoomed in on to demonstrate an arty photographic side I didn't know I had.

I'm quite proud. Though i doubt I'll win, as that would be cheating! And not a little bit biased...

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