Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Brighton Montages

Have been investigating various ways to show a number of similar photos at once, rather than plastering the blog with columns of pictures. I've always admired Paola's technique, and these are my first efforts. Something tells me restricting the block size and keeping them all the same size works better...

I got very excited about the huts along the promenade between Brighton and Hove. I'm sure that's a craft project (quilt? cushion? scarf?) just waiting to happen...
The Boy's inlaws live in this rather fabulous block of flats in Hove. The interior is too modern hippy for me, but it's probably just as well I don't live there or I would be trapped in an endless attempt to recreate an exact period scheme. I think when your home is so exactly pinpointed in time, it would be impossible to avoid it, don't you?
The bottom left window is the inside image of the sunray stained glass above the main entrance doors. Do you follow?! Isn't it fabulous?!

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